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Ordering Instructions:

  • Valve Piston Diameter
    • Enter the diameter of the valve piston to within 0.001" (0.025mm) in the text box above.
    • Size must be between 1.000" - 1.240" (25.4mm - 31.50mm). (For sizes 0.999" (25.37mm) and smaller order barrel #2515ST).
    • If ordering multiple barrels separate sizes with slash marks or several spaces.
    • If two sizes are within 0.001" you can order just the smaller size and use it for both size pistons.
  • Measurement - click on the drop down arrow to select inches or millimeters.
  • Enter the total number of barrels in the quantity field and click add to cart.

2515LG Barrels are designed to be used with our #2509 Standard Valve Burnishing Tool and are precision cut to within 0.001" (0.025mm) so that at zero expansion they are the exact size of the piston diameter. It is important to note that barrels expand outward from their center and quickly lose their effectiveness as a burnisher if expanded more than 0.002" or 0.003" and so trying to use one barrel for various size pistons with a wider diameter range than this will produce unsatisfactory results. For instrument models with piston diameters within 0.001" the size is close enough to use the same barrel for both. Barrels are made from half hard brass and will work for many repairs.

If you are unsure or unable to accurately measure piston diameter contact us with the make and model of the instrument and we may have specification on size. Or you can send us the piston and we will measure it and return it with your order.

Allow 1-2 business days for barrels to be cut and ready for shipping.


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