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Trombone Lever Action Dent Roller

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Our Lever Action Dent Roller presents a totally new concept and approach to trombone handslide dent removal. This is the tool that drew all the attention when it was first introduced at the 1991 NAPBIRT Convention and since has been demonstrated and sold with great success at the International Musikmesse Convention in Frankfurt, Germany, as well as various other national and international clinics.

Designed for removing dents and rounding out handslide tubes, this tool's most exclusive feature is the lever action which provides with the use of just one hand a tremendous amount of pressure at the dent area, far more pressure than can be applied by using two hands with a conventional burnishing tool. And your other hand is free to rotate and hold the slide in any position. No longer do you need to balance the slide in one position while trying to hold and bear down with enough pressure on the burnisher.

Further, a conventional burnisher generally necessitates the use of a crutch to support the end of the slide and mandrel because of the straight downward pressure being exerted. In using the Lever Action Dent Roller any need for a crutch is completely eliminated as is the chance of bending slide mandrels.

And as shown in the above illustration, each roller has been machined with a concave radius for restoring roundness to slide pipes. Each roller has also been fitted with precision bearings, providing ultra smooth performance and control. Practically the entire tool is made from a aircraft quality 6061 T6 aluminum to provide strength and durability while maintaining a light weight for ease of operation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: With this tool it is necessary to use a steel mandrel with a diameter that comes within at least 0.015" (0.4mm) of the inside diameter of the slide pipe. Our #2080 Trombone Handslide Mandrel Set has diameter sizes that increment by 0.015" and so will cover the entire range of trombone models. Also note that the closer the mandrel size is to the diameter of the slide pipe the faster and easier the repair can be accomplished. For this reason we also offer three sizes of 'custom mandrels' (items #2082, #2083, #2084) that provide an excellent fit for many popular student and pro trombone models.

Please do not confuse this tool with other 'roller type' tools that are designed to be clamped in a vise and require the technician to hold and work the handslide against the tool. Such a design cannot deliver anywhere near the amount of control and pressure to the dent as our Lever Action Dent Roller, and attempting to do so can easily cause damage to the tube.


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