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Saxophone Work Fixture with Alto Saxophone

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We are often told that the #2000 Saxophone Work Fixture is by far one of the most time saving additions to the shop. This fixture, used world wide by both repair technicians as well as manufacturers, will safely and securely hold an alto, tenor, or baritone saxophone up off the workbench, conveniently putting the instrument at eye level.

The cradle assembly of the fixture that secures the instrument will revolve and hold at any position in a 360° arc. Simply rotate the fixture in either direction: wherever you stop the horn will remain in that position, allowing the technician full use of both hands to do any kind of repair, from inspection and adjustment to pad replacement and soldering. The entire unit will also swivel a full 360° on the workbench.

While you may be used to working on a saxophone by laying it on the workbench or in your lap, think about the amount of time and effort needed to maintain and balance the instrument in a certain position while performing a particular operation. How many times do you lift up and set down an instrument during a repair? And why worry about putting scratches in the horn from tools and parts lying on the bench (especially on new or recently lacquered horns)?

From simple make play jobs to complete overhauls, this fixture will save any repair shop a tremendous amount of time. Try it out for our 30 Day Risk Free Trial Period. We guarantee you will never want to work on another saxophone without it.

Quick Set Up and Take Down

Suppose that a saxophone comes in for a repair estimate. In LESS THAN 30 SECONDS the work fixture can be removed from a wall hook, secured to the workbench, and the horn set up in it ready for inspection! Or if you need to switch over to a clarinet repair in the middle of a sax job, simply lift the entire fixture with horn off of the base plate and temporarily set aside. The base plate is a flat 1/8" by 8" square steel plate that permanently attaches to the workbench with four wood screws. When the fixture is not in use the workbench is totally free for other work.

For shops that like to do soldering away from the woodwind bench, the fixture can be easily clamped in a vise located in the soldering area. It will still provide the same positioning and holding features.

Constructed of heavy gauge steel and solidly built for years of trouble free operation. Durable powder coat finish. Holds alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. Fluorescent leak lights can be used in the usual way.

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