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Our Saxophone Body Ragging Fixture is designed to securely hold alto and tenor saxophone bodies while rag buffing. Unlike using a wooden mandrel in the bell, which can dent the bell area as well as let the instrument slip around, our fixture will hold the instrument safely and securely. It also works quite well for holding the instrument for degreasing and lacquering.

The fixture consists of 3 pieces (see Fig. 1):
Steel Rod 1/2" x 36" (12.7 mm x 91 cm)
Outer Aluminum Receiver Plug
Inner Aluminum Body Plug

The inner body plug slides into the instrument through the bell and bow and up into the main body section with narrow end of plug facing up towards neck receiver. Next, insert the the steel rod through the neck receiver and into the inner plug. Position the inner plug so that the set screw is accessible through one of the tone holes (see Fig 2) and use an allen wrench (included) to tighten set screw and lock plug to steel rod.

Next slide the outer receiver plug onto the steel rod and position plug into neck receiver. While pulling on rod to snug inner plug against body wall, press outer plug into neck receiver and tighten set screw (see Fig. 3). Fixture is now ready to be clamped into vise (pipe style jaws are recommended - our #2227 Votaw Mandrel Vise works great).

Note that the plugs can be adjusted so as to hold instrument in place yet still allow repositioning, without clamping and re-clamping rod in vise.


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