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Pad Cup Heater

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Our Pad Cup Heater is one of the most practical and time saving tools to come into the industry in a very long time. Used worldwide by repair technicians and manufacturers, this versatile, easy to use tool is guaranteed to significantly speed up pad work, as well as prove useful in various other types of woodwind repair.

Hold the graphite electrodes up to the key cup and squeeze the palm trigger. A 9-10mm key cup (clarinet upper joint keys for example) will heat up to melting temperature for pad adhesive in only 2-3 seconds. Larger 16-17mm cups in only 4-5 seconds.

No more having to bring a flame within close contact of the instrument, which means no scorching of pads, corks, or instrument bodies. And the graphite electrodes won't scratch the key finish.

The entire handpiece measures 7" (178mm) long by 2" (51mm) in width and weighs only 5 ounces (142gr).

The #2350 Pad Cup Heater is designed to work on all clarinets, piccolos, oboes, flute trill and 'c' keys, and the upper stack keys (nickel or silver plated) on saxophone where using a torch around pearls and felts can be difficult. Note that because this tool uses the metal of the key cup itself to conduct heat, it will not easily work on keys that have a lacquered finish, however positioning the electrodes on the edges of the key cup where the lacquer is thin or worn will usually allow current to pass through to the metal. Besides being used for pad work this tools also works great for:

  • stuck hinge rods
    Penetrating oil used with heat is an excellent method for working free corroded key hinge screws (a flame has never been a practical source of heat as it will quickly damage the body or key parts such as rollers or corks). Simply heat up the key hinge with the Pad Cup Heater and apply penetrating oil - many stuck screws that you would normally have to cut out can easily be removed.
  • key adjustment corks
    Simply cut cork to size, apply a dab of our Surduzstik glue or other type of hot glue or adhesive, heat the key foot and insert the cork into place. Quick, clean, and no removal of keys necessary.

The #2350 Pad Cup Heater is designed to operate on 110-120 volts AC. For 230-240 volt power source order one of our voltage converters.

The graphite electrodes on this tool have a long life - ours have been used in the shop for over a year with no trouble. They are fragile, however, and can easily break if the handpiece is dropped or something heavy falls on them while the handpiece is setting on the workbench. We recommend having a replacement set (#2354) on hand. Replacement should also be made when tip of electrode has worn down 1/4" 6.5mm) or more.


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