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Our #2550 Flex Rod Dent Ball Driver offers a unique solution for positioning and driving dent balls inside French horn bell pipes and other large bore brass instruments.

The rod consists of a heavy coil encased in high density thermal plastic, designed to offer enough flexibility for reshaping and conforming to the bell's curve, and yet strong enough to prevent buckling when driving a ball.

Fitted to the inside of the rod is a smaller flexible coil to which dent balls can be attached, and the length of the coil can be easily adjusted to provide access to up to 5' (1.5m) down the bell pipe. On a French horn for example, this allows access practically all the way to the valve assembly.

This versatile tool is an excellent addition to the dent removal workbench and is recommended for all brass repair shops.

The Flex Rod Dent Ball Driver is designed to allow direct attachment of dent balls with the following thread sizes:

  • 8-32
  • 1/4-28
  • 1/4-24
  • 1/4-20
  • 3/8-16
Dent balls with a through hole only (minimum hole diameter: 0.171" (11/64", 4.3mm) easily attach using the included retaining nut.

Note: Dent balls are not included with Flex Rod Dent Ball Driver

The vise mount clamping block easily adjusts anywhere along the length of the rod and can be clamped tight in any standard bench vise.

For help in dislodging a stuck dent ball from the inside of the bell pipe, a free floating inner cable with handle allows a sharp rap directly to the dent ball.


  • Rod Length: 37" (94cm)
  • Rod Diameter: 0.625" (15.9mm)
  • Rod End Cap Diameter: 0.750" (19.1mm)
  • Cable Length: 68" (172cm)
  • Cable Diameter: 0.250" (6.35mm)

For replacement cables see items #2552 REPLACEMENT CABLE and #2553 REPLACEMENT COIL.


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