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The Enforcer is an air operated tool designed for removing dents in any situation where a straight dent rod and ball can be used. The principle underlying this tool's operation is similar to 'rebounding' or 'knocking up', an effective practice used by technician's for years. As shown in the pictures at right, the dented area of the instrument is held against the dent ball and a sharp blow is then delivered to the dent rod by means of the pneumatic cylinder, which the technician triggers with a foot switch. The strike against the dent rod transfers to the dent ball which in succession raises the dent.

The old style of 'rebounding' was always rather limited in use; control over the amount of 'bounce' was difficult to govern, not to mention that the procedure was best done with two people (one to hold the instrument and the other to deliver the blow). Besides only needing one person, the real advantage of the Enforcer is in the precise regulation over the amount of force directed to the dent.

A quick turn of a knob will adjust this force from a minute tap for knocking up small dents around tone holes to a really powerful blow that will easily raise a dent in a guard covered sax bow (without removing the guard!). Whether working on saxophones or tubas, the Enforcer delivers superior results in dent removal.

Equipped with regulator, filter, dial pressure gauge, 8' flexible air line with a quick disconnect coupler, and sturdy foot switch. Ships complete, ready to use, just plug into air line.

Other features include:

  • Dent rod is 5 feet long and threaded at both ends to work with both 3/8-16 and 1/2-13 dent balls (dent balls not included). The end with the smaller thread size is tapered.
  • Easily mounts in a standard vise and can be hung on a wall or stored away when not in use.
  • Requires minimal air supply 100 psi at very low cfm. Even a portable air compressor is sufficient to operate the Enforcer.
  • Constructed with heavy gauge steel and solidly built for years of trouble free operation.


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