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Our Economy Dent Ball Driver offers to the repair technician an affordable yet efficient and easy to use dent tool that will work in practically any situation where a dent ball can be used.

A look at the above illustration shows that dent balls are quickly and easily attached to the flex coil with a threaded brass ferrule and retaining nut. Simply slide the ball over the ferrule and screw on the retaining nut (it may be necessary to enlarge the holes in your set of dent balls using an 11/64" drill bit - ask about our drilling jig).

Dent balls are quickly and easily attached to the flex coil with a threaded ferrule and nut. Simply unscrew the nut, slip on new dent ball, and screw nut back onto ferrule. Dent ball remains secured to tool with no chance of it slipping off inside of instrument.

Depending upon the location of the dent and type of instrument being worked on, the amount of flex coil protruding from the front end of the housing is adjusted and set with the lock screw. The position of the vise mount in relation to the housing is also adjustable and locked into place when the vise mount is secured in the vise.

As shown in the illustration below the bell stop and bell stop spring work to keep a trumpet or cornet centered on the tool when removing dents from the bell crook area. This unique feature provides safe and secure support for the horn and prevents the tool from flopping around inside the bell pipe and also keeps the end of the housing from running into and damaging the crook area.

For working on trombone handslide crooks, simply slide the bell stop and spring off of the housing and slide the vise mount back towards the lock screw. Or for removing dents from tuning slides, position the vise mount forward toward the front end of the housing. If the tool needs to be hand held rather than mounted in a vise, simply slide the vise mount off of the housing and the tool is ready to use.

Simple to use, comes with complete instructions.

NOTE: Barrel shape dent balls are required for use with this tool and are sold separately. We offer our #2486 Barrel Dent Ball Set, however any set will work well with this tool. Note that dent balls require a 0.171" (4.3mm) diameter hole, if your set has a smaller hole they can be easily enlarged using a 11/64" drill (ask about our drilling jig).

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