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Dead Blow Slide Hammer with Case

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Our #2650 Dead Blow Slide Hammer is a versatile tool designed for removing dents from sax bodies as well as making an excellent puller for stuck tuning slides.

Dead blow mallets or hammers have been used in the machinist's industry for years and are designed with a hollowed out head that is filled with lead shot or small pellets. At the moment of impact, the forward momentum of the lead shot eliminates any bounce or rebound of the hammer head off of the surface being struck.

By adopting this same principle to our slide hammer, we have filled the 'slider' with lead shot, and the result provides a great improvement for dent removal. Anyone who has used a slide hammer for removing dents has experienced the bounce of the dent ball against the instrument at the moment of impact. Our dead blow feature works to practically eliminate this bounce, keeping the dent ball centered on the peak of the dent while delivering a more forceful, solid blow to raise the dent.

Another unique feature to our tool that significantly improves the dent raising action is the 'In-Line' design of the 'J' Extension Arms. These arms are designed to position the peak or working area of the dent ball 'in-line' with the main shaft of the hammer section, thus allowing 100% of the impact and driving force to go straight forward.

Other available slide hammers have extension arms that are offset, positioning the dent ball away from the hammer's center line and causing the entire tool to deflect off center at the moment of impact, resulting in a loss of both control and power.

With hook and rope (not pictured) the slide hammer becomes an excellent slide puller. The rope is made of spectra which has practically no stretch, providing solid, positive pulling action.

The 'L' extension works great for leveling tone holes, providing access right up to the tone hole edge.

Also included is a 'straight' extension for driving dents out in a forward (rather than pulling) motion, especially useful when a dent is accessible by going through a tone hole.

Comes complete with:

  • 1 - main hammer section
  • 2 - 'J' extensions
  • 1 - 'L' extension
  • 1 - straight extension
  • 1 - hook & rope to pull slides
  • 1 - set #2502 Dent Mushrooms
  • 1 - storage case


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