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Straightening keys and key cups that have gotten bent can be a challenge. Our #2370 Automatic Key Hammer offers a very precise and controlled means of applying a good sharp rap to the area of the key or cup that needs straightening, and does so without any risk of scratching or marring the key or its finish.

Suppose a flute key cup is sitting too high at its back side. Insert a pad spatula between the pad and the tone hole, center the spatula over the tone hole and press down on the key until the pad spud screw or plastic washer contacts the spatula. Hold the rubber tip of the Key Hammer against the back of the key and press down on the black knob. As pressure is applied an internal spring becomes engaged and stretches until an auto release mechanism is triggered and sends a firm, controlled blow to the key. The force of the blow is completely adjustable from a very light tap to a really hard blow. Simply rotate the black knob to increase or decrease blow. The tip of the hammer is fitted with a rubber pad (approx. 3/8" in diameter and 1/8" thick) which prevents any damage to the key. No woodwind bench should be without this tool, we guarantee you'll never work on another student flute or clarinet again without it.

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#2370 Automatic Key Hammer

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