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Australian repair technician Geoff Edmunds designed this easy to use, universal jig for holding all piston-valved instruments from trumpets and cornets to tubas and sousaphones, including both vertical and front-action pistons. Thanks to Geoff's clever design combined with Votaw Tool Company's state of the art manufacturing, Geoff's Jig is available to all musical instrument repair technicians. Ideal for solder work and assembly as well as polishing and ragging during overhauls.

The jig features:

Solid Construction
All parts billet machined using aircraft quality 6061 T6 aluminum to provide solid support for the heaviest of instruments.

Vise Bar
A square extension bar for secure clamping in a vise without the need for a 'V' block.

Peg Plates
Peg plates can be mounted on either the top or the side of the vise bar for maximum flexibility in positioning the instrument.Simply unscrew knurled knob, move the peg plates to new position and hand-tighten knob.No wrench needed. Swivel action of one peg plate allows the span between pegs to automatically adjust to fit any size instrument.

Includes three sets of pegs to accommodate all valve casing diameters from trumpets to tubas. Aluminum peg surface is completely safe to valve casing. Peg profile designed to allow both valve casings to rest squarely on the bottom of the pegs and evenly distribute the weight of the instrument.


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